No Lack of Gain

Motivation to clean… and decorate

As I sit here in a house full of all things boy, I am a little bummed that I don’t have a gorgeously put together home.

Our first home was a cute little brick home in a neighborhood.  We quickly out grew that and ended up out on a farm in an old country farmhouse.  I love my home dearly (and all of the boys in it).  It was originally built over 100 years ago and has so much character, but I live on a dirt road, with 4 men, a heard of sheep, a couple goats, donkeys, chickens, dogs, cats…  the list goes on, and not to mention that the house has tons of remodeling projects that it feels like will never be done.

A little reflection on the character of our home.  It was originally a small farmhouse built in the 1880’s or 1890’s (exact date couldn’t be pinpointed), and was moved to it’s current location about 20 years ago and added on to and remodeled.  The first story was expanded and the second story was added.  The people who remodeled the house did a great job with lots of the features, but it is stuck between periods.  It has that farmhouse charm with a touch of Victorian elegance.  Add in my own rustic style, and it is a bit confusing to find a happy medium.

I know noting is going to complete my home quickly, but I thought I would leave you with some of the Pinterest dreaming I have been doing lately


First is a blog post from Adventures in Decorating.










I love the elegance of the end chairs and lighting, the grand-ness (if that is even a word) of the drapes, the comfortable feel of the kitchen table, and the rustic patina of the cabinets.  All of this mixed with her beautiful mix of details in her wall hangings and knick-knacks, makes this absolutely beautiful!!!


The next picture that gives me total inspiration is from a Pinterest link that wasn’t good (if it is yours, send me your info, I’d love to give credit).










Isn’t it beautiful!!!! I love this gorgeous milk-can flower holder!!!!


The 3rd picture I will leave you with today is from The Swenglish Home.










I love this crate repourposed as a coffee table.  Isn’t it amazing?  I love the comfortable elegance of this whole home.



I was hoping to share a few actual pictures from my home, but alas there are train tracks and little green army men strewn about.  Maybe next time.




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