No Lack of Gain

Homemade Peach Cobbler

The other day the hubby was working late.  As the children and I were finishing dinner he called with those amazing words that make me swoon.  “I’m picking up some ice cream and I’ll be home in 10 minutes.  Get ready to make some cobbler, I’ve got peaches.”

Over the years I have learned not to question when he calls with those crazy impromptu requests, but to just get ready!!!  10 minutes later, this is what walked in my door!!!


Actually that picture was taken after I had already cut up a bunch of peaches, but it is still a beautiful picture, don’t you think?

I set to washing, peeling and cutting peaches.

The prepping of the peaches really was the most tedious part of the cobbler and almost tripled the peaches, and oh was it good!!!!!


About an hour and a half later, this is what came out of the oven.  Please excuse the fact that we had already dug into the cobbler when I thought to take a picture.


This cobbler was absolutely wonderful.  I love that it is made with basic ingredients that I usually have in my kitchen as well as the fact that it is super fast and easy (minus the time cutting up the peaches).

Here is the link to the basic recipe that I used.

As I said above, I made some changes to the recipe.  I substituted whole wheat flour, and seriously cut down the amount of sugar that was mixed in with the peaches (less than 1/2 cup w/ more than 30 peaches) as the ones we had were perfectly ripe and super sweet already.  I made a large 9×13 glass pan (pictured) as well as a smaller pan to share with the neighbors.  I would caution you not to fill the pan too full.  Mine did bubble over and spill all over the bottom of the oven, but I’m sure the rest of you are way more adept in the kitchen than I.





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  1. I’m envious over those fresh peaches! that cobbler looks SSSOOOO YYYUUUMMYYY!

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