No Lack of Gain

Our Creative Kitchen

Hello.  I pray you have all had a restful weekend.  We have had the opportunity to regroup as a family and get a few projects done around the house.

We try to use Sunday afternoons to make plans for the week. We often do our grocery shopping for the week on Sunday, but it has lately been done right after Church and without a plan, which can end up being a little stressful as well. This morning before church we actually planned Sunday lunch/dinner, which is way out of the norm for us.  Then on the way to Church we made a date to plan our weekly menu together as well as our monthly budget this afternoon.

We have this bit of tradition in our home… on occasion we play the “lets see if we can skip going to the grocery store this week” game.  (Please tell me that we’re not totally crazy on this one.) So you guessed it, that’s what hubby decided to do this week.  It is a bit of a challenge b/c we end up eating different things, and there aren’t many convenience foods, but it is a fun way to clean out the fridge and the back of the freezer.  Oh, who am I kidding, there is still plenty of food in the freezer!!!!

Breakfast Options:

Eggs w/ choice of

  • Pigs in a blanket
  • Bagel w/ cream cheese
  • Toast w/ cream cheese or jelly
  • Pumpkin or Banana Muffins
  • Cereal

Yes, we eat eggs daily.  We live on a farm and have found that our children function better if they start their day with a good protein.

Lunch Options:

Beans and Cornbread


Beanie Weenies

Hot Dogs




Sun- Taco Salad

Mon- Spaghetti w/ Rolls and Salad

Tues- Chicken, Potatoes, Veggies and Salad

Wed- Chicken Salad Sandwiches

Thurs- French Toast, Eggs & Sausage

Fri- BBQ Chicken Pizza

Sat- Leftovers

Snack Options:

Pumpkin or Banana Muffin








And yes, all of those things are currently in our kitchen.  We do have a garden that is giving us a wonderful bounty.  I am sure I will have some more zucchini by the end of the week and will be able to make something wonderful with those as well!!!!



  1. I think I maybe just want to come over there for dinner for this week instead of cooking 😛 Sounds yummy!

    • You’re always welcome. Our order did get rearranged a bit, but we have all been pleasantly surprised with the new repertoire of meals this week.

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